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CC_ICONTEST: A Charlie/Claire Icon Contest Community


This icon contest revolves around the pairing of Charlie and Claire from ABC's show, LOST. Every week a new challenge with specific rules will be posted. Submissions will take place every week until Sunday night. Voting will take place from then until Tuesday, when the winners will be announced, along with a new challenge. *NEW*


1. All icons must fit LiveJournal's icon restrictions: Up to 100x100 pixels in size and under and 40KB.

2. You cannot post your submitted icon anywhere else until the contest for the week is over. This includes submitting your entry to other icontest communities. We wanna keep this original, people!

3. Make sure you incorporate the weekly rules into your icon.

4. Do not use pre-made icons/bases -- especially if they aren't yours!

5. You can submit up to two icons per challenge (unless otherwise stated). Submissions will be screened. *NEW*

6. All submissions must include both Charlie and Claire unless otherwise stated. This is, after all, a CHARLIE/CLAIRE-shipping icontest!

7. Only moderators (
hopelessfangirl & crazymol4588) have posting rights in this community.

8. You may only take an icon submission from this community if you have permission from the user who made it. If there's an icon that you don't know the maker of, just ask in one of the recent posts and I'll let you know.

9. Entries should be submitted as a reply to the challenge post. When posting your icon make sure that you include the image tag and URL so that it looks like the following:


10. You must read/reply to the BANNER REFERENCE POST if you plan on entering any challenges. *NEW*

11. HAVE FUN! =D


All votes are screened.
When voting, list your top 3 favorites (in no specific order).
DO NOT vote for yourself. If you do, your icon will be disqualified.
The top 3 winners will each receive banners.

Each challenge begins on Tuesday of each week. You have until Sunday of that week to submit your icons. Voting commences until Tuesday when the votes are tallied, a new challenge is posted, and the cycle starts again. *NEW*


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    Season One Season Two *NEW!
    A comprehensive screencapture guide of all of the C/C moments within each episode of LOST.

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