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*NOTE: Cap descriptions may be SPOILERY for those not following the North American broadcasting schedule
(For those who are on the North American broadcasting schedule, there aren't any spoilers for those who are up-to-date.)

The Charlie/Claire Screencapture Index

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2.01 - Man of Science, Man of Faith

[3], [4] Charlie and the others mill about back at the caves
[6], [7] Charlie, Claire and the others argue about Shannon's 'hallucination' and listen as Jack reassures them everything will be fine

2.02 - Adrift

[5] Charlie and Claire talk about Charlie's habit of joking around to avoid a straight answer and his faith, all while entertaining Aaron

2.04 - Everybody Hates Hugo

[3] Charlie babysits Aaron and gets mad at Hurley for not telling him what's in the Hatch
[4] Claire finds the bottle of messages that Sawyer, Michael, Jin and Walt took on the raft
[6] Charlie tracks down Locke and interrogates him about the Hatch
[8], [9] Charlie finally gets some answers from Locke, then goes to ask food-supervisor Hurley if there's any peanut butter in the Hatch
[12] Claire and Shannon [and Aaron and Vincent] give Sun the message bottle
[15] Hurley gives Charlie his requested jar of peanut butter
[16] Charlie and Claire share the jar of [REAL!] peanut butter while watching Aaron by the fireside

2.05 - ...And Found

[1] Claire and Sun do laundry as Sun discovers her ring is lost (no pun intended)

2.06 - Abandoned

[4] Charlie goes to investigate the commotion with Shannon and Sayid, followed closely by Claire and Aaron and causing the first PB&J spat
[7] Claire apologizes to Aaron for disturbing his sleep as Locke comes over and helps out
[10], [11] Claire thanks Locke for giving her a hand and listening to her rants, and Charlie later shows up, which Locke takes as his cue to leave
[14] Charlie and Locke play a game of Backgammon, and Locke coyly confronts him about his potential relapse into heroin

2.08 - Collision

[3], [4] Charlie and Hurley observe Kate's golf swing, and Jack later joins in with some tips for Kate
[13], [14] Charlie strums away at his guitar when he notices Jin and the Tailies, then runs to greet them

2.09 - What Kate Did

[6] Charlie, Claire, Aaron and the others attend Shannon's funeral
[8] Charlie runs into Kate in the jungle and she asks him if he's ever seen horses on the island
[9] Jack asks Charlie if he's seen Kate

2.10 - The 23rd Psalm

[1], [2] Claire introduces herself and Aaron to Mr. Eko
[2], [3] Eko shows Claire what's in the Virgin Mary statuettes & goes to find Charlie
[3], [4] Claire confronts Charlie about the hidden heroin
[4], [5] Charlie and Eko head out to find the Nigerian plane
[7], [8] Charlie and Eko find the corpse of the priest
[9], [10], [11] Charlie watches as Eko stares down the monster
[15] Charlie and Eko burn the Nigerian plane and recite the 23rd Psalm
[17] Claire packs Charlie's bags and tells him she doesn't want him around Aaron anymore
[17], [18] Charlie uncovers his hidden statuette stash late at night

2.11 - The Hunting Party

[14] Charlie and Hurley deal with girl problems while listening to records in the hatch
[21] Charlie walks by as Claire and Locke are playing with Aaron

2.12 - Fire + Water

[1], [2] Charlie has a flashback/dream involving Aaron; Charlie attempts to warn Claire about it
[2], [3] Charlie comes to a drowning Aaron's rescue which, to both his and Claire's horror, turns out to have been a hallucination
[5] Charlie takes desperate measures to make Claire see why Aaron needs to be baptized
[6] Something in Claire won't let her ignore Charlie's alerts and she gets both Aaron and herself baptized by Eko

2.13 - The Long Con

[2] Sawyer belittles Charlie about the Aaron-stealing fiasco
[24], [25] Charlie and Sawyer meet at night in the jungle to close their deal

2.14 - One Of Them

[17] Sayid keeps Charlie on his guard about the Others by reminding him of what they did to him and Claire

2.15 - Maternity Leave

[1] Claire tries to soothe Aaron by the fireside with Locke nearby
[2], [3] Aaron cries as Claire speaks with Danielle, then Jack
[3], [4] Claire asks Libby for some help with retrieving her memories pre-amnesia
[5] Libby tries to help Claire remember her lost memories
[6] Finally remember something, Claire sets her mind on finding the place in the jungle where Ethan took her
[8], [9] Claire leaves Aaron with Sun thought Sun tries to persuade her otherwise
[11], [12] Claire sets off in the jungle with Kate and is later accompanied by Danielle
[12], [13] Claire and Danielle have a disagreement in which Kate has to intervene
[15], [16] Claire, Kate and Danielle find the place where Claire was taken
[17], [18] Claire, Kate and Danielle find find an empty vaccine cabinet inside the newly discovered hatch
[18], [19] Claire remembers Alex saving her and tells Danielle what she remembers about her
[21] Claire returns home to Aaron, who is safe, sound and feverless

2.16 - The Whole Truth

[10], [11], [12] Ana-Lucia enlists the help of Charlie and Sayid, and the three set off to find Henry's balloon
[15], [16] Charlie, Sayid and Ana-Lucia continue searching for Henry's balloon

2.17 - Lockdown

[2] Charlie, Sayid and Ana-Lucia find Henry's balloon
[3] Claire takes Aaron to see Jack for a check-up
[16], [17] Charlie, Sayid and Ana-Lucia meet up with Jack and Kate and together they confront Henry about their discovery

2.18 - Dave

[2] Charlie and the others discover the net of food
[6] Charlie helps Eko out with his new project
[7] Hurley asks Charlie and Eko if they've seen Dave

2.19 - S.O.S.

[5] Claire and the others listen to Bernard's pep talk/rallying speech
[6] Bernard enlists the help of Charlie and Eko with the S.O.S. sign
[17] Claire plays with Aaron

2.21 - ?

[1] Charlie is concerned about Eko when he awakes from a startling dream

2.22 - 3 Minutes

[4], [5] Charlie brings Claire and Aaron the vaccine he found
[9] Charlie is angry with Eko when he asks him to help him move into the hatch, abandoning the plans for building the church in favor of 'hatch duty'
[12] Vincent brings Charlie a Mary statue and leads him to Sawyer's stash of them
[12], [13] Charlie gets rid of the Mary statues once and for al
[17], [19] Charlie, Claire and Aaron attend Ana-Lucia's and Libby's funeral

2.23 - Live Together, Die Alone

[1] Charlie, Claire and everyone else are still at the beach when a boat is spotted on the horizon
[8], [9] Charlie informs a distraught Locke that Desmond is back
[9] Desmond chats with Claire and tells her that the vaccine is basically useless
[14] Eko asks for Charlie's help when Locke and Demsond lock him out of the hatch
[17] Charlie leads Eko to the hidden dynatmite and once they've arrived in the hatch, he informs Locke and Desmond of Eko's plan to blow open the inner hatch door
[19] Eko lights the fuse and Charlie realizes just how much danger they are in
[27] A disoriented Charlie tries to find Eko
[30] Charlie comes to Eko's aid as the hatch experiences a system failure
[31], [32] Claire, Aaron and Bernard feel the effects of Desmond's sacrifice on the beach
[32] A still-disoriented Charlie returns to the beach to a relieved Claire
[34], [35] Beach + nightfall + Charlie + Claire + reconciliation = FINALLY.


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