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Hey guys! Remember me? I apologize profusely for the lack of activity in this community in the last year or so. My love for Charlie/Claire certainly has not waned, but I'm finding that I don't have the time to maintain this place on the regular basis that I'd like to be able to.

I'm still deciding what to do with this comm, but until I do, lost_phantom_cc has opened up a new Charlie/Claire icon/fic challenge community that I strongly encourage you all to join!

cc_contests cc_contests cc_contests
cc_contests cc_contests cc_contests

Hope to see you all over there!
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*NOTE: Cap descriptions may be SPOILERY for those not following the North American broadcasting schedule
(For those who are on the North American broadcasting schedule, there aren't any spoilers for those who are up-to-date.)


The link to this Screencap Index will be put in the userinfo under Misc for all your future needs.

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  • LOST // C&C - And So It Is

    { cc_icontest UPDATE }

    ...okay guys! I'm sure you've been wondering where the heck I've been, and I apologize profusely for this ridiculous lag in updates.

    I begin final exams this week, so after those are finished I will officially have time to focus my attention back on this place. The tentative date of 're-opening' is April 25th, 2006, possibly earlier. Next chance I get I'll be posting the results of the CCI 2006 Renovation Poll (which is technically still open for those who still haven't done it) and the banners from the last bunch of challenges. Hopefully by that time we'll have some more inspiration from the Lost writers as well, if you know what I mean. ;)

    Thanks again for your patience, guys. I know it must be frustrating for those who follow our challenges regularly, and I apologize again for the lack of... everything here lately. Sometimes real life sucks like that.

    See you soon!
    Your Mod,
    Krys hopelessfangirl
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    { cc_icontest update }

    Okay guys! Wonderful feedback so far from the 2006 Renovation Survey. I think a few tweaks around this place will make for the better. =) I'm going to leave the survey up for another little while as I am currently swamped with work and tests, and I'll [hopefully] have the results of the survey along with the new challenge up by next Wednesday (the 22nd).

    So if you haven't filled out the CCI Renovation Survey yet, please do. Thanks again to everyone who already has taken the survey -- it really means a lot and I'm happy to see there's still a big interest in the PB&J. =D

    Till next time!
    -Your mod,
    Krys hopelessfangirl
    LOST // C&C - And So It Is

    { THE cc_icontest RENOVATION SURVEY 2006! }

    As I'm sure everyone's noticed in recent months, cc_icontest has been a bit lacking in enthusiasm. I'm sure several factors are attributing to this: conflicting schedules, perhaps a bit of a lack of imagination on my part and [without giving way any specifics] the current Charlie/Claire circumstances.

    ...well frankly we just can't have this!

    In an effort to renovate this place before our milestone 50th challenge, I've done up a survey that I'd appreciate you all taking the time to fill out. One of the biggest issues I'm concerned with is the current schedule of entering/voting. See below for more on that.Collapse )

    And now without further ado...

    Also, if you've got questions/comments/suggestions that will not fit the text box above, feel free to post them in a comment to this post. All entries will be screened. =)

    Hope to spruce this place up in the very near future! Thanks in advance to those who fill out the survey. <3

    Your mod,
    Krys, hopelessfangirl
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    Challenge #49: WINNERS!

    Congrats and thanks to the winners and participants of Challenge 49! Apologies for the lateness; here we go:

    by hopelessfangirl (Thank you, guys!)

    by p0pst4r

    3) [TIE]
    by imagineforever
    by emmycrum

    Mod's Choice
    Typically with such low number of entries and a tie I wouldn't choose a Mod's Choice, but I couldn't resist this time, because this one was my absolute favourite:
    by invisiblelove

    Congratulations to all! The voting post has been unscreened and I know I'm behind on the banners, so I'll have them for everyone as soon as I get a chance! Info on the next challenge to come. =)
    LOST // C&amp;C - And So It Is

    Challenge #49: REMINDER!!!!!

    Howdy! Figured I'd give you all yet another reminder than Challenge 49 closes Friday, March 3rd, 2006. We've gotten some more entries over the last few days which are lovely and definitely a good sign things are on the ups!

    Survey to come hopefully within the week. I didn't realized how swamped I was until I actually sat down to look at everything I had to do. Yikes. Stay tuned, though, and keep those entries coming!
    SH // H&amp;W - Lie down with me.

    Challenge #49: EXTENSION

    Okey doke, guys, there won't be enough entries tonight for the voting, so Challenge 49 will be extended till Friday, March 3rd, 2006.

    Survey will be up either tonight or tomorrow, so be on the lookout! And don't forget to get those entries in!