Fangirlage like WHOA. (hopelessfangirl) wrote in cc_icontest,
Fangirlage like WHOA.

{ cc_icontest update }

Okay guys! Wonderful feedback so far from the 2006 Renovation Survey. I think a few tweaks around this place will make for the better. =) I'm going to leave the survey up for another little while as I am currently swamped with work and tests, and I'll [hopefully] have the results of the survey along with the new challenge up by next Wednesday (the 22nd).

So if you haven't filled out the CCI Renovation Survey yet, please do. Thanks again to everyone who already has taken the survey -- it really means a lot and I'm happy to see there's still a big interest in the PB&J. =D

Till next time!
-Your mod,
Krys hopelessfangirl
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