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Often here at cc_icontest our challenges rely on you, our participants, to provide your own images, such as in a lyrical/quote challenge or a themed challenge.

To make life a whole lot easier for you in times like these, I've compiled a guide to all of the Charlie and Claire moments in LOST thus far. Under the cut you'll find The Charlie/Claire Screencapture Index; a comprehensive guide to Charlie/Claire screencaptures provided by the brilliant, the magnificent, the I-Don't-Know-What-We'd-Do-Without-It

*NOTE: Cap descriptions may be SPOILERY for those not following the North American broadcasting schedule
(For those who are on the North American broadcasting schedule, there aren't any spoilers for those who are up-to-date.)

The C/C Screencapture Index is organized by episode, with specific links to individual pages on's episode galleries. This index, of course, will be updated with each passing episode as more Charlie/Claire moments are undoubtedly soon to come. To aid you further, I've color-coded Charlie and Claire's names for quicker reference to certain scenes you may have in mind. =)

Since this guide is a Charlie/Claire Index, not every single scene with Charlie or Claire is noted. Rather, the important Charlie AND Claire scenes are referenced. The only exception to this is if a particular episode has Charlie and Claire in it but the majority of their scenes are not together. (In that case, their separate scenes are broken down).

So now I present to you, without further ado...

The Charlie/Claire Screencapture Index

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1.01 - Pilot: Part One

[2] Jack helps Claire
[3] Jack and Hurley help Claire; Charlie nearly gets hit by flaming piece of plane
[4] Hurley still helping Claire
[6] Claire profile; Charlie helps Sayid
[7], [8] Charlie around campfire; Claire and Hurley around campfire
[9], [10] Castaways hear monster in jungle for first time
[12] Sudden rain -- Claire looks out, Charlie, Kate and Jack look for cockpit
[14] Charlie caught in the bathroom
[15] Charlie and Kate look for Jack
[16] Charlie, Kate, Jack find pilot's body

1.02 - Pilot: Part Two

[1] Charlie's plane flashback; Claire and Shannon chat
[2] Claire and Shannon's chat, continued
[3] A fight breaks out between Sayid and Sawyer -- Charlie and others gather round
[4] Charlie and others, continued
[6] Charlie snorting heroin behind a tree
[7] Charlie and gang go on a 'hike'
[8] Claire writes in her diary as Jin offers some fish; Charlie and gang pre- polar bear
[9], [10] Charlie, gang, and polar bear (1 of Charlie from Page 11)
[12], [13], [14] Charlie and gang hear message on tranceiver

1.03 - Tabula Rasa

[5] 'The Meeting' → Charlie helps Claire with her luggage
[14] Charlie changes his finger bandages from 'F-A-T-E' to 'L-A-T-E'

1.04 - Walkabout

[1] Claire, Hurley and gang hear the boars in the fuselage in the middle of the night
[2], [3] Charlie gets hurt/bandaged
[5] Claire suggests Jack lead the memorial service
[6] Claire suggests Jack lead the memorial service, continued; Shannon asks Charlie to go for a walk
[7] Shannon gets Charlie to catch her a fish
[9] Charlie and Hurley go fishing; Claire finds Sayid's picture of Nadia
[11] Sawyer gives Claire something he found for the memorial service
[12] Charlie gives Shannon her fish in front of Boone
[14], [15] Claire leads the memorial service; Charlie gets a fix away from the others

1.05 - White Rabbit

[1] Charlie tells Jack there's someone in the water who needs rescuing
[4], [5] Claire helps Kate sort out clothes
[8] Charlie and Michael carry Claire while Kate helps
[10], [11] 'The Tent Scene' → Charlie tells Claire she doesn't scare him
[16] Boone gives Claire some water; Charlie picks a fight with Boone for stealing the water

1.08 - Confidence Man

[3], [4] Charlie brings Claire water and suggests she move into the caves
[11], [12] Charlie and Claire do laundry; Claire professes her love for peanut butter; Charlie makes her a deal
[22], [23] 'The Peanut Butter Scene' → Charlie convinces Claire to move to the caves with a bit of imagination
[23] Charlie and Claire head to the caves

1.10 - Raised By Another

[2] Claire wakes up from a nightmare screaming as Charlie tries to settle her down
[5], [6] Charlie and Claire have tea; Charlie tells Claire that he could be her friend
[7], [8], [9] Claire wakes up in the middle of the night screaming for the second time; Charlie tells Claire he'll watch over her for the night
[13] Charlie walks into the caves as Claire storms out after Jack suggests she taking sleeping pills
[14] Charlie follows Claire to watch out for her
[16], [17] Claire goes into false labor and tells Charlie to get Jack
[18], [19] Claire tells Charlie about the psychic; Claire feels better and thanks Charlie for support
[20] Claire feels the baby kick; Charlie and Claire run into Ethan

1.14 - Special

[1] Charlie asks Michael if he's seen Claire's bags
[6], [7] Charlie can't find Claire's diary in her bags; Charlie fights Sawyer for it
[10], [11] 'Bits of Me are Crumbling'; Charlie has a battle with his conscience over whether or not to read Claire's diary
[16] Charlie reads Claire's diary by the fire
[17] Locke and Boone find Claire as she stumbles out of the trees

1.15 - Homecoming

[1], [2] Charlie wakes up to a commotion as Locke carries Claire to the caves
[2], [3] A confused Claire talks to Charlie and Jack about what she remembers
[4] 'We Were Friends?' → Claire talks with Charlie over the campfire and tries to figure out what's happened to her
[6], [7] Ethan threatens Charlie to give Claire back to him
[8], [9] Claire tries to get Charlie to tell her what's going on
[11] Charlie blames himself for letting Claire get abducted; Jack tells him Claire is safe this time
[14], [15] Claire asks Shannon why everyone keeps staring at her; Claire confronts Charlie for keeping her in the dark
[17] Charlie is outraged at the others for considering Claire as bait for Ethan; Claire sticks up for herself and agrees to help
[19] Charlie watches in the shadows as the manhunt for Ethan prepares to set out'; Claire walks in the rain, waiting for Ethan to appear
[22] Charlie kills Ethan
[23], [24] Claire remembers peanut butter; Charlie and Claire say goodnight

1.16 - Outlaws

[6] Claire asks a stand-offish Charlie if he'd like to go for a walk
[7], [8] Charlie and Hurley bury Ethan
[17] Sayid talks to Charlie about his own experience as a soldier and the feelings you have after killing someone
[20], [21] Charlie asks Claire if she's still up for that walk

1.17 - ...In Translation

[-] (2 of Charlie & Claire from Pages 1 & 2 -- C/C walk as they witness Sun and Jin arguing)
[19] Charlie brings Claire something to drink and sits down across from her

1.18 - Numbers

[3], [4] Charlie asks Hurley why he's packing/where he's going; Locke asks Claire from some help with a project
[7], [8] Charlie, Jack and Sayid find Hurley in the jungle
[10], [11] Hurley and Charlie cross the bridge, which breaks as Charlie crosses
[12] Claire and Locke chat as she helps him with the project
[13] Hurley and Charlie run from an unknown source shooting at them
[15] Charlie loses Hurley and finds Jack and Sayid
[16], [17] Hurley meets back up with Charlie, Jack and Sayid with battery in hand; Locke unveils his birthday gift to Claire -- a crib
[17], [18] Charlie and Hurley chat around the fire about the day's events and their past lives

1.20 - Do No Harm

[3] Claire chats with Sawyer and Michael; Charlie interrogates a tired, stressed-out Jack about the medical emergency at hand
[4] Charlie interrogates a tired, stressed-out Jack about the medical emergency at hand
[6], [7] Kate finds Claire in the jungle in labor; Jin hears them and helps
[8] Charlie reports back to Jack on the blood types he found amongst the castaways
[10] Charlie is alarmed when Jin informs Jack and Sun that Claire is in labor
[11] Claire's water breaks and Kate tries to calm her down (2 of Claire from Page 10)
[12], [13] Charlie and Jin reach the girls and Charlie tells Kate she has to deliver Claire's baby
[15], [16]Claire starts to push with Kate's support; Jin tries to calm down Charlie in 'the waiting room'
[19], [20] Kate delivers Claire's baby while a proud papa Charlie and Jin look on
[21], [22] Claire brings out the little one for the other castaways to see with Charlie and Kate by her side

1.21 - The Greater Good

[-] Boone's funeral (2 of Claire from Page 2)
[-] Boone's funeral, cont'd (2 of Charlie & Claire from Page 3)
[-] Boone's funeral, cont'd (3 of Claire; 1 of Charlie from Page 4)
[5] Charlie and others keep Jack back from attacking Locke
[6] Charlie and Sun insist that Claire get some sleep while Charlie offers to look after Turnip Head
[9], [10] Charlie and Hurley 'break out the big guns' and try to get Turnip Head to stop crying
[13], [14]Charlie discovers there's something about Uncle Sawyer that Turnip Head doesn't mind
[17] Claire wakes up and joins Charlie and Sawyer, who is reading to Turnip Head

1.22 - Born to Run

[2] Charlie sits down with Kate and proposes new Driveshaft song ideas for when they're rescued
[11], [12] Charlie plays guitar for Turnip Head as Claire gives him a hair cut
[-] Kate's public confession (1 of Charlie, Claire & Turnip Head from Page 15)
[-] Kate's public confession, cont'd (2 of Charlie, Claire & Turnip Head from Page 18)
[-] Charlie, Claire and others turn away, shocked and disgusted at Kate's hidden past (2 of Charlie, Claire & Turnip Head)

1.23 - Exodus: Part One

[2] Claire holds Turnip Head close as she, Charlie and others speak to Danielle who shows up at camp
[3] Charlie and the gang help push the raft
[4] Claire, Charlie and others notice the smoke over the horizon
[12], [13] Charlie collects everyone's to-be-bottled messages
[21], [22], [23] Claire, Charlie and everyone say goodbye to Michael, Walt, Jin and Sawyer as they set sail on the raft

1.24 - Exodus: Part Two

[1] Claire stresses out over her maternal responsiblities to Charlie who then asks Sayid for a gun to protect her and Turnip Head on the way to the caves
[7], [8] Charlie presents Claire with a makeshift baby transportation device which rewards him with a kiss on the cheek; Danielle shows up and confronts Claire
[9] Charlie and Sayid respond to Sun's pleas for help only to discover that Claire has been attacked and Turnip Head is gone
[11] Charlie and Sayid prepare to search for Danielle & the baby; Claire sobs for Charlie to "get Aaron back"
[14], [15] Claire and Sun return to the caves and Sun ponders fate; Charlie and Sayid take a break at the site of Boone's fatal accident, the heroin-filled drug-smuggling plane
[18] Sun makes Claire some tea and promises her everything will be fine; Charlie is injured after setting off Danielle's trap and Sayid takes extreme measures to aid the wounds
[24] Charlie and Sayid reach the source of the black smoke where they find Danielle and take Aaron back
[26], [27] Charlie and Sayid return with Aaron to the pure delight of Claire; Claire takes a look at Charlie's wounds while a Virgin Mary statue resides in his bag
[-] (3 of Claire and 1 of Charlie from the Flight 815 Boarding montage from Page 27)

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